Essential oils: the secret to a healthy winter!

Winter continues to take its toll. The temperature keeps dropping. This season is the source of many illnesses: colds, flu, etc. So, it is important to prevent them as early as possible. Essential oils in particular are a very good remedy for staying in shape in winter. But what is it all about? And what are their benefits on the body?

Essential oils: what are they?

This term is mostly known in the world of cosmetics. It is used to take care of the body. However, it also has several therapeutic virtues that can be used to treat ailments. By definition, essential oil is a substance obtained from a material of plant origin. It comes from the extraction of the aqueous phase, through various physical processes. Contrary to its name, essential oil does not contain any fatty elements. It is purely aromatic. Essential oil is an organic and natural product. It has no side effects or harmful effects on the body. It also has several benefits, whether therapeutic or aesthetic.

What are the virtues of essential oils?

Essential oils are very effective for this winter. Indeed, they bring many benefits: they can relieve certain illnesses, they can warm up the user, etc. Winter is a source of many bacteria and viruses. The latter can attack the immune system and cause various diseases such as cough, angina, or gastro. However, essential oil is very effective in relieving these ailments. Thanks to its antibacterial property, it can easily eliminate viruses that are found in the environment. It is even capable of killing insects. On top of that, it can warm up a room. Some essential oils have a warm and captivating scent. Eucalyptus essential oil is one example. Finally, essential oil can also regulate sleep. Its pleasant scent relaxes and eliminates stress. In short, it contributes to the well-being of its user.

What are the best essential oils for winter?

Each essential oil has its own particular virtues. In winter, it is strongly recommended to use thyme, cinnamon or clove essential oil. Thyme is an anti-infectious and antiseptic plant. It is able to fight against respiratory problems. As for cinnamon, it is especially effective in strengthening the immune system. It can cure colds, sore throats and coughs. Finally, clove releases a powerful and energizing aroma. It also has a calming virtue.
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