Mental health

How to start a physical activity ?

Jogging or running is the best sport for losing weight. In addition, it improves health and well-being. But running is never easy, especially if you lack motivation. So, how do you get into running and enjoy it? Set goals It…

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Practice a physical activity to stay in a perfect shape!

To stay healthy, you have to take care of your shape. For this, sport is the ideal solution. In addition to sculpting the body, it also has a great impact on the mind and spirit of the practitioner. So why…

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Precariousness and its effects on mental health

Health is not only about physics. It is also about mentality. In fact, mental illnesses can have a great impact on the body and its well-being. Recently, a new phenomenon has emerged. It is called precariousness, a new behaviour that…

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What are the different mental illnesses?

Mental illnesses are becoming more and more prevalent these days. According to one study, one person in four suffers from a psychological disorder. This can be explained by the pressure of daily life, stress and poor lifestyle. So what are…

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