Precariousness and its effects on mental health

Health is not only about physics. It is also about mentality. In fact, mental illnesses can have a great impact on the body and its well-being. Recently, a new phenomenon has emerged. It is called precariousness, a new behaviour that can attack mental health. So what is it all about? And how can it be cured?

Precariousness: what is it?

Precariousness is a negative behaviour, visible in a person. It is one of the causes of mental illness. By definition, it is a feeling of uncertainty and fear. This fear focuses on the loss of an object or a situation. Simply put, a person suffering from precariousness is always uncertain about his or her future. They are afraid of losing the things that belong to them. Because of this fear, they are not always able to manage their life. It is important to distinguish between precariousness and poverty, although they have a certain similarity. Indeed, the person suffering from precariousness is not necessarily poor. They may be rich and mentally ill. On the contrary, a poor person is not always affected by precariousness. They can be satisfied with their lives, without having much wealth.

What are the effects of precariousness on the mentality?

Precariousness creates real psychic disorders in the patient. It develops many other negative behaviors such as stress, depression, suffering, and even social isolation. A person suffering from precariousness is an anxious person. He or she cannot control his or her life. They stress every time they make a decision. They are always afraid of making mistakes, which pushes them not to take risks. So she puts off all her plans until tomorrow. A person who has precariousness is also depressed. He suffers a lot. They can't stand defeat because they always want to succeed. This feeling can be hellish for her, and pushes her to isolate herself from others.

How do you prevent precariousness?

The best way to prevent mental disorders is to consult psychiatrists or psychologists. As specialists in mental disorders, they can improve the patient's psychological health and well-being. They can help the patient to be mentally healthy. However, the person with this illness must also have the support of his or her family and friends. They must encourage him or her and strengthen his or her self-esteem. In this way, they can easily get rid of this disease that is eating away at them.
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