Feed supplements: An online guide to choosing the right one

Nowadays, food supplements can be found everywhere. Some use it to prepare the skin for the sun, to relieve stress, to regulate transit or to fill up with vitamins. Food supplements are accessible even without a medical prescription. However, they must be chosen carefully. Several online guides can help you choose them carefully. This article explains how to choose a food supplement.

How to define a dietary supplement?

Dietary supplements are foodstuffs that are intended to supplement the usual diet and are a source of nutrients that have a physiological and nutritional effect alone or in combination. A dietary supplement may contain fibre, vitamins, amino acids, probiotics or prebiotics, plants and trace elements and minerals. They can be found in various forms such as oral solutions, tablets, capsules, or powders. They are available in supermarkets, parapharmacies and pharmacies, but also in organic shops. It is important to remember that a dietary supplement is not a medicine, it can complement the diet, but cannot replace a diversified and balanced diet. Even if their consumption does not require a prescription, it is still advisable to seek the advice of a health professional before taking them. It is also very important to follow the dosage and label instructions. There are specialized websites or online pharmacies that offer guides to help you choose the right food supplements.

How to choose your food supplement?

It is recommended to buy French or European food supplements. France has a very strict legislation, hence, each ingredient must have an authorization. Thus, the composition is highly regulated. Therefore, you should avoid buying them abroad, where the regulations are different and you risk buying products that may be ineffective or even dangerous. The best thing is to choose natural ingredients. You should also choose dietary supplements according to your profile because not everyone needs the same dietary supplement. For example, there are food supplements for children, allergic people, pregnant women or others. If parents decide to take food supplements for their child, they should seek medical advice to find out if it is really useful. A prescription from a paediatrician or a doctor will allow them to determine the dosage to be given. Same thing for allergic people or pregnant women, a medical opinion is essential before buying a food supplement. If they are deemed necessary, then the attending physician can recommend a very supervised consumption.

Types of dietary supplements

The most common types of dietary supplements are multivitamin supplements and slimming and dietary supplements. Multivitamin supplements are very important to the body to help it carry out its functions in better conditions. Before taking this type of supplement, the patient's age, diet, sex and state of health must be taken into account. It is more interesting to take multivitamin supplements during the winter period in order to support the immune system and improve tone, especially in people who are stressed and tired. Dietary and slimming supplements are to accompany a diet and weight loss. In this category, there are different forms of supplements, each with its own mode of action. Some are used to accelerate and stimulate the metabolism, block fats, increase the feeling of satiety, and limit water retention. Whichever type of dietary supplement you choose, it is essential to pay attention to the label. It will inform you of contraindications and possible side effects.
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