How to know the properties and power of stones?

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Lithotherapy is a soft or alternative medicine that uses the powers of stones or crystals. Gemstones are Mother Nature’s natural healers and are a delight to give and receive. By offering someone a crystal, you are also offering healing. There are hundreds of types of stones to choose from, and exploring and discovering the perfect gem can be fun. To learn about the properties and powers of stones, here are some examples of the most commonly used stones for the well-being of body and mind.

What is meant by lithotherapy in general?

A brief historical review shows that lithotherapy has existed since ancient civilizations. The Egyptians, Aztecs and others incorporated them into jewellery, cosmetics, decorative statues, amulets and much more, testifying to their powerful ability to release mental, physical and spiritual blockages. These semi-precious stones are mostly of spiritual value. These stones have an electrical charge when they are in contact with other stones or rubbed. This phenomenon is known as “elektron” by the ancient Greeks, which would be the origin of the word electricity. Lithotherapy can thus be defined as a technique for relieving pain, anxiety or any other form of mental disorder through the use of stones or crystals whose virtues have been recognized for hundreds of years. Even traces of the use of stones can be found in prehistoric times. For more information visit: lithotherapy shop

Some advice to follow for the use of stones and crystals in lithotherapy

The powers of the stones can be used in different ways according to the objectives of each one:

First of all, the stones used near your body in the form of necklace or bracelet allow to move away the bad waves and to decrease anguish for example. They also play the role of anti pain to calm chronic joint or back pain. Role of anti-stress for people working in complicated areas under constant pressure. Certain stones can make your life pyrosphere and protect your finances.

The stones or crystals most known for the well being in lithotherapy

With its gentle energy, rose quartz is sometimes called the stone of love, because it opens the wearer to love in all its forms: platonic, sexual and spiritual. It is a healer of physical ailments of the heart as well as emotional sorrows. Rose quartz is a timely gift to give to someone who wishes to learn self-love or seeks to find inner peace. Fluorite comes in a variety of colors and is known as the protective gemstone for its ability to ward off negative energy, especially from other people. Fluorite can also help the wearer to find spiritual tranquility and can assist in meditation. Clean your fluorite at least once a week when using it as a protective aid. As for lapis lazuli, it unlocks mysteries by helping the wearer or wearer to eliminate confusion and emotional blockage. It is also believed that lapis is the gemstone that connects the material and celestial realms, revealing the wonders of the cosmos to those seeking its healing energy.

Hematite is a mass stone. This silver-grey metallic gemstone is often used as a grounding tool to help those who tend to avoid tasks or world events by flying out of the body. If you find yourself in a stressful situation, such as a funeral or a job interview, try carrying a piece of hematite in your pocket. You will feel more comfortable as this gemstone unfolds its healing energy. Finally, amethyst has powerful healing qualities, both physical and spiritual. This gemstone provides a sense of calm and balance, freeing the mind from confusion and soothing negative or stressful emotions. It can balance hormone levels and strengthen the immune system. Please note that these different stones or crystals are available in stores or lithotherapy shop.

The beneficial effects of lesser-known stones on your body’s health

Among the lesser-known stones, turquoise has long been revered as a healing stone by Native Americans in the southwestern United States, who value it for its ability to interpret dreams, ward off evil, and strengthen bonds of love and friendship. Wearing turquoise can give a person a sense of confidence and wisdom. Kyanite facilitates channelling and opens communication centres to allow contact with spiritual guides and angels. Cyanite is probably best known for its balancing properties that align the chakras, particularly the throat chakra. There is no need to cleanse this stone; it automatically cleanses itself of negative energies. As for the obsidian, it can be used as a protective agent. The snowflake obsidian helps people to surrender or get rid of negative habits or past paths that no longer serve their present condition. This can create opportunities for change, serenity and clarity. Finally, Citrine is a wonderful yellow stone to wear as it helps to manifest your goals. This energizing crystal also keeps its wearer joyful as it is filled with stimulating solar energy. Citrine attracts abundance and personal power, just like yellow topaz.

Rarer and more expensive, the Jade stone brings serene and soothing energy, helping a person find self-acceptance and inner calm. This healing stone can also help the wearer to understand the symbolism of the dream and to tap into their inner creativity. It can also relieve physical pain such as cramps and help eliminate toxins from the body.

How to find the best stones in lithotherapy?

To find the best lithotherapy stones, it is important to call upon the services of a specialist in alternative medicine or a gemmologist. In some cases the use of these stones can be done after the advice of a medium or a shaman or even a druid in France. All this is made possible by the existence of a lithotherapy shop online. But because some stones like amber are considered as semi-precious, they can be divided into several pieces to allow the greatest number of people to enjoy its properties and at the same time save money. The choice of your stone depends on the goods made or the use you will make of it. To avoid scams or unpleasant surprises, it is advisable to go to shops that sell only a limited number of stones in grams but not in kilos, as stone wholesalers in most cases only sell decorative crystals and not for lithotherapy proper. Reading the opinions of Internet users or users of health stones is a good way to know the quality, price or services offered by the shop. Moreover some specialists in addition to the consultations also propose to sell stones or crystals directly to you, with a personalized follow-up on the evolution of your physical or mental state of health. For reimbursement, the social security still refuses to cover this kind of recourse to traditional or magical type medicine. However, for psychological reasons, some hospitals use stones for specific cases, for example when the person is allergic to certain medicines.

But for economic or financial reasons, you cannot afford to buy stones in shops, it is possible with a little courage and experience to find some of them in nature. For this, videos or tutorials are available for free online. In addition, some stone users will give you tips on how to make your own rituals, necklaces or baths with the crystals. In summary, you can by rudimentary means make, mix all types of stones according to your desires, in necklace or earrings, decorating your home with several stones of lithotherapy is also possible. But for your experience in the world of lithotherapy, it is necessary to call upon the services of a specialist to identify the problems, to advise on the best crystals or health stone made to measure for the best possible result, moreover it should not be forgotten that in addition to being an investment, the lithotherapy stone will follow you during long years in your daily life. A psychic affinity is a sign that these gemstones hold special healing powers. Be sure to cleanse the gemstones as you use them.

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