The true false health virtues of chocolate

Chocolate is probably the most popular treat in the world. Sweet, strong, sweet or bitter, there is something for everyone. It is even highly acclaimed for its therapeutic virtues. Some say it is an antidepressant. Others add that it helps to concentrate. But are these benefits really justified? What are the real and false health benefits of chocolate?

Dark chocolate makes you lose weight

This finding has delighted many people. Indeed, it has made it possible for anyone to consume chocolate without moderation. According to this idea, chocolate is less caloric, and its consumption does not make you gain weight. On the contrary, it would even help to keep the line or lose weight. It is true that dark chocolate is a quality chocolate, since it contains only 70% cocoa. This means that it is more bitter and more concentrated than other chocolates. Nevertheless, whether it is dark, milk or white, chocolate provides about 550 kcal per 100 g. Dark chocolate is therefore just as caloric as other types. Therefore, it should not be exaggerated when it is consumed.

Chocolate is an antidepressant

It's true that chocolate soothes. It relaxes when you're anxious. It is a good anti-stress. When we consume it, we feel more relaxed and calm. However, it is not an antidepressant. This effect is caused by the magnesium contained in it. It does have a very good impact on morale. Chocolate should therefore never be used to treat depression. It can only be used to boost morale and calm anger.

Chocolate relieves ailments

They say that chocolate soothes stomach aches or digestion. However, it also causes many other toxic health problems. First of all, it promotes intoxication. Chocolate is rich in lead. This can lead to lead poisoning for the consumer. It also disrupts neurological development, especially in children. Secondly, it can cause allergies. Some people have a very fragile immune system. They cannot tolerate certain components of chocolate, such as cocoa, hazelnuts, milk or soya. It is therefore necessary to check the ingredients of chocolate before eating it. Finally, it accentuates diabetes. Like any other delicacy, chocolate also contains sugar. Excessive consumption of chocolate only increases health problems, especially if you are diabetic.
Healthy food: the secret to good health!

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