A large number of cancers could be avoided for women!

More and more women are affected by cancer today. This situation is due to many factors: poor lifestyle, poor diet, etc. However, it is possible to avoid them. All you have to do is adopt these tips.

Stop taking drugs and alcohol

Tobacco and alcohol are the main reasons for Breast Cancer, Cervical Cancer and Ovarian Cancer. They can also lead to other infectious diseases. To avoid cancer, it is therefore essential to stop taking cigarettes and alcohol. They destroy our bodies. They are harmful and only bring toxins to the whole body. Various health organizations are already trying to raise awareness about the harmful effects of tobacco. The same goes for the government, which is starting to raise the price of cigarettes on the market. Nevertheless, efforts are still minimal. What is more, it really requires the will of the consumer.

Having a healthy lifestyle

Apart from tobacco and alcohol, poor lifestyle habits also promote cancer. This mainly concerns obesity, poor diet and stress. In the first place, obesity brings fat to the body. These block the different walls of the body and prevent good blood circulation. It thus favours many diseases, as well as several cancers: bladder cancer, etc. To avoid these, it is therefore necessary to keep your figure. To do this, you can practice sports and eat a good diet. Secondly, junk food is also a factor in cancer. It is a source of toxic elements for the body. It does not contain any nutrients that the body needs. For this reason, it causes organ dysfunction and many diseases. If you don't want to get Breast Cancer or any other disease, you must balance your meal. Also avoid fast food, foods that are too rich or too sweet. Finally, stress and depression can also contribute to cancer. You should therefore relax at all times, through yoga or listening sessions.

A few figures

According to studies conducted by health organizations, 18.2 million cases of cancer were diagnosed in 2018 among women. This number is still rising. The 7.5 per cent are caused by alcohol, 6.8 per cent by obesity, and the rest for other reasons. The most common are breast and uterine cancer.
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