What is the best moment to do a pregnancy test ?

Published on : 24 April 20203 min reading time

At what time of the day should the pregnancy test be carried out, in the morning or in the evening? When should a pregnancy test be done? Many women ask these questions. Today, there are two tests that prove the presence of a fetus in a woman’s uterus. The urine test that can be done at home and the blood pregnancy test that must be done at a doctor’s office. But be aware that you must wait a minimum of 20 days after sexual intercourse to have this test. Sometimes an early test will give negative results even if you are pregnant. In this case, the timing of a pregnancy test must be respected.

The right time to carry out a urine pregnancy test

At home, women can carry out a pregnancy test themselves using a urine test. But at what time? Can a pregnancy test be done in the evening? To answer this, understand some truth about how your body works when you are pregnant. The amount of HCG or Chorionic Gonadotropin Hormone increases when you have had a fertilization after 9 days. It is the increase in this concentration that the pregnancy test detects. The reliability of the urine test depends very much on the condition and timing of the test. It is therefore advisable to do the pregnancy test in the morning because at that time the HCG level in the urine is high. Urine in the morning is more concentrated compared to the urine of the day. But this does not mean that a pregnancy test cannot be done in the evening or any other day. In this case, do not drink a lot of water, as this may dilute the urine and the HCG hormone level too much.

The ideal time to carry out a blood pregnancy test

If you decide to have a blood pregnancy test, you should consult a doctor or go to a laboratory for analysis. The reliability of this test is 100%, thanks to the blood test. When you are pregnant, your baby secretes beta HCG hormones that can circulate in the blood. This hormone is an indicator to detect your pregnancy at any time when you take a blood test. For this type of test, you can take a blood sample as early as 3 weeks after unprotected sex, ovulation and fertilisation. In any case, don’t rush when your period is late, just wait 3 weeks or more after intercourse for the HCG level to rise in your bloodstream.

How long after intercourse

Both types of pregnancy tests can tell you if you are expecting a child. In any case, it is necessary to know the ideal time to carry out the test at home in the case of a urine test and to carry out a blood test at a doctor’s office in the case of a blood test. There is no point in carrying out a test the day after intercourse, you have to wait a few days or weeks. It is recommended for both types of tests to be done 3 weeks after intercourse. For your information, there is no deadline to do the test but you should report your doctor when you are pregnant and consult him before the 12th week.

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