What are the treatments to help stop smoking during pregnancy?

Tobacco is really harmful to your health, especially during pregnancy. It can lead to bad consequences such as miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. So you have to be careful. Here are 3 effective methods for dealing with a tobacco-free pregnancy.

Behavioural therapies

This is the most effective solution for passive smoking during pregnancy. Behavioural and cognitive therapy consists of psychological therapy. During treatment, the pregnant woman will learn strategies to stop smoking. The psychologist will give her exercise sessions so that she stops thinking about smoking. The psychologist will also guide her so that she does not touch a cigarette during pregnancy, and even while breastfeeding. This kind of treatment has proven to be effective in recent years. Many women have been able to overcome their addiction to drugs and tobacco. It is therefore very practical for dealing with 9 months of pregnancy without tobacco.

The use of other substitutes

Behavioral therapy can fail. In this case, the pregnant woman has another solution: nicotine substitutes. These allow to replace cigarettes, while enjoying the same sensations. There are several nicotine substitutes. The doctor can subscribe to patches, gums or an electronic cigarette during pregnancy. Le Petit Vapoteur explains in its guide to the electronic cigarette all the elements to consider to know which electronic cigarette to choose and lists all its benefits. Nicotine substitutes have very good effects on the pregnant woman and her unborn child. First of all, they are not toxic to health. By consuming them, the pregnant woman has a low consumption of tobacco during pregnancy. She will therefore have a nicotine-free pregnancy. Second, they provide the same effects brought by tobacco. The pregnant woman will therefore experience no feeling of withdrawal. Finally, they are tasty, both for the baby and for the woman.

Prescription drugs

This is the latest method of saying stop smoking for pregnant women. To achieve this, the doctor will prescribe medication, which will compensate for smoking. These will eliminate the level of tobacco in the pregnant woman's body. They will also prevent it from attacking the baby's immune system. Nevertheless, it is preferable to follow the two previous treatments before resorting to this method. Being fragile, the pregnant woman may not be able to tolerate certain medications. They may cause allergies, vomiting or other abnormalities. Many medications are even to be avoided. You must therefore be careful.
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