Electronic cigarette without nicotine: taste and flavor!

The electronic cigarette is a very good alternative to the classic cigarette. In addition to releasing a very good feeling, it is less toxic to health. It is even possible to choose an electronic cigarette without nicotine. The latter has, moreover, several tastes and flavors.

Definition of an e-liquid

The electronic cigarette works with many components: the tank, the battery, the resistance, etc.. The e-liquid for electronic cigarette is the substance contained inside the tank. It is the agent responsible for vaporization. In general, it contains propylene glycerol, vegetable glycerin, flavorings and possibly nicotine or alcohol. Propylene glycerol and glycerine are used to produce steam. Alcohol and nicotine are used to provide a certain sensation. Nevertheless, it is also possible to choose a nicotine-free e-cigarette, especially if the consumer is a non-smoker. In addition, the flavors are those that determine the taste of e-cigarette. They are numerous and vary according to the preference of the consumer.

The main flavors of the e-liquid

The flavours of e-liquid can be classified into 5 categories: classic e-liquid, gourmet e-liquid, fruit e-liquid, mint e-liquid and beverage e-liquid. The classic e-liquid is a tobacco-flavoured e-liquid. Its flavor is very similar to that of a traditional cigarette. It is especially reserved for beginners, who are still used to their traditional cigarettes. This allows them to begin consumption, smoothly. As its name suggests, the e-liquid gourmet is quite rich in taste. Its flavor resembles that of a treat or a pastry. It is a sweet e-liquid. Gourmet e-liquid is especially ideal for women. It allows you to vaporize gently. The e-liquid fruit, is made from fruit extracts. It has a more natural and exotic taste. As for the e-liquid mint, it has a strong minty taste. This liquid is often mixed with other products such as lemon or chlorophyll. Thus, it allows you to have a fresh breath all day long. Finally, the last e-liquid is intended for drink lovers. Its taste is diversified. One can just as well find an aroma of cola, rum, and even vodka.

The choice of flavor of the e-liquid

The choice of flavor of the e-cigarette will depend on your degree of consumption. If you are a beginner, it is preferable to opt for a softer e-liquid, such as the gourmet or classic e-liquid. Then you can gradually strengthen the flavor.
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