What are the lithotherapeutic properties of obsidian stone?


From ancient times till now, natural stones have had very many uses, from being symbols of wealth, power and various virtues to making weapons. In addition to these uses, other precious stones have been believed to possess some unique properties that give them litho therapeutic powers or healing powers. One specific stone known to have healing energy and used for its healing power is the obsidian stone. This natural stone jewellery contains positive energy that flows directly into a person’s body and health. As a result, it induces relaxation and gives a person a calm mind, bringing about peace and balance. Before going deeper into the litho therapeutic properties, here are some facts and information about these precious stones.

What are obsidian stones?

These are precious igneous stones formed naturally through volcanic activity. One can even say they are volcanic glass due to their glassy texture and vitreous lustre. These stones are formed when felsic lava cools rapidly, hardening them like glass.

The appearance of the stones and the types

The most common colour of these igneous rocks is black, but others are formed in other shades of colour. The presence of iron oxide is responsible for the different colour like red and brown. The black one is considered to have protective powers, but the other types are also used for the same purpose. The stone’s appearance can be either transparent or translucent, with a vitreous or glassy lustre and texture that sets it apart from other natural stone jewellery.

Out of the different igneous stones, most of them show an absence of any sizeable mineral crystals within the glass metrics. But you can notice a few types contain needle-like crystals that are radically arranged in clusters when observed closely. One can describe the crystals as a blend of smooth and sharp fragments described as being conchoidal. These fragments occur because the glass has a near absence of mineral crystals.

When it comes to the igneous stone’s hardness, it gets a score of 7 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. This is a hard stone, that is why it was shaped to be used as a tool or even weapons in ancient times.

Types of igneous stones


Just as the name suggests, this precious stone is pitch black. It is believed to be the most powerful rock in this category, thanks to the many benefits it brings to your health. It is also a powerful tool for protection, healing, keeping you focused on whatever you are doing, and bringing you from falsity to seek and find the truth.


This is just the black stone but with a white pattern floating under the surface. This stone is used to bring about soothing vibes to cool down someone’s temper, thus shifting how you feel, especially when anxious or very uneasy.


This stone appears to be black, but when put against intense light, the vivid rings of rainbow colours appear. This stone is believed to give grounding to the wearer and, at the same time, give energy emotionally by providing hope and making you ready to face life from a more positive perspective.

Golden sheen

This is one very unique type of precious stone which is also referred to as the wizard stone. Its shiny and glimmering appearance is very distinct. Just like the black stone, it is believed to have more healing powers too. This stone is supposed to give the wearer more confidence by making them feel more capable of directing their lives in the right direction and finding their true purpose.


This is another colour-rich type of the igneous stone. Just like the black one, it is known for its protective powers. It is also believed to be a cleansing chakra that can remove the negativity that holds you back, encouraging you to unleash your full potential in all the different aspects of your life. It opens up your grounding channel, allowing you to access and make use of all the energetic frequencies around you.

How does stone litho therapy work?

These igneous stones, just like any other natural stones, have minerals matching the ones in our bodies; thus, their healing properties can act on our bodies’ senses. These stones work when placed on a specific body part, where their healing properties spread out minerals into the body, thus changing the energy, movements, and pulses depending on the power the stone emits. The effects you feel from the stones will vary depending on some common factors like size, where larger stones will work more effectively because of their significant vibrations that bring about better healing. Also, other factors like the levels of minerals in the body and the colour of the stones can affect the healing powers of the precious stones.

On the skin, the igneous stone creates a unique frequency that regulates the nerves, and as a result reduce inflammation and stress. The stone’s other virtues are absorbed into the body and eliminate any negative energy leaving you charged and full of positive energy. From the stone virtues, you can get power into your mind and body. If there is a misalignment of energy in the body, the stones’ attraction and repelling properties come into play to bring about energy balance.

The litho therapeutic properties of the stone

This stone is considered one of the stones that are very rich in healing characteristics, and it was even thought out to be the most precious natural stone jewellery. The stone is said to bring protection, a sense of growth, and a connection with the world. The stone works to keep the user’s body in balance physically, emotionally, and mentally. That’s why it is considered to have the best healing properties out of all precious stones used for litho therapy.

Healing properties to the physical body

The stone will help keep your whole body detoxified and improve all the processes of removing any harmful wastes and toxins that accumulate in the body.

If you have any digestive issues, the stone can help solve them by clearing the track. It is also of great help for those who experience severe problems with the gall bladder.

The stone keeps the circulation of your blood healthy and the flow very excellent. When it comes to the health of your physical body, the stone enables the wearer or user to function on his or her total health. With it, all the organs in the body will be healthy since it causes curing of body tissues leaving the body full of energy and rejuvenated.

On the body, it would be used to heal various pains like joint pains and cramps. Warriors also used it to provide relief to broken bones as it was believed to shorten the healing time.

Emotional and mental healing

These stone help the user to heal profoundly. Thus, it drives out the negativity and bad energy from your body to protect the mind and emotions, leaving one charged up and ready to face each activity positively. Even if the bad energy comes from other external forces, just having the precious igneous stone will cloak you from the negative energy.

It is used to prepare the mind to prepare for different challenges face up and with courage. It helps heal the mind from previous traumatic events and occurrences. This is just the first and most critical step of healing the mind and even emotionally. Allowing the healing from within gives one room for growth in other aspects, and you will feel more energetic, fearless, more positive, and much more courageous.

The mind is very powerful, and when stressed, can lead to various negative thoughts that are not helpful in any way. But you can release some of this stress by using the stones since stress relief is one of their healing properties and bring about relaxation to the mind.

Other healing properties

The stones strengthen your connection to the root chakra. This chakra is vital as it helps keep us balanced and grounded despite the happenings taking place around our worlds. When the connection is severed or blocked, one can feel very detached and unstable, with uneasiness setting in with thoughts and feelings of danger in every step. And that is where the igneous stones come into action to give healing where it is required. When your connection to the root chakra is strong, you stand safe without any risks of psychic attacks.

These naturally occurring igneous rocks are the perfect stones if you are looking to benefit your health using natural stones. You can incorporate it into your fashion as necklaces or bracelets or even carry the stones around to feel their litho therapeutic powers for a clear mind and health benefits.

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