How to choose an electronic cigarette?

Published on : 24 April 20203 min reading time

The electronic cigarette has become very trendy. More and more smokers are turning to this new model. The benefits of electronic cigarettes are particularly numerous, which encourages people to consume them. But how to choose the right electronic cigarette? In general, the choice is based on three criteria: consumption, shape and taste.

Electronic cigarettes, according to consumption

The electronic cigarette is not just for smokers. Non-smokers can also consume them and this is one of its benefits.

The choice of e-cigarette will depend on the consumption of the individual. If he is a heavy smoker, he will have to choose an e-cigarette with long battery life. Indeed, a heavy smoker can consume up to a pack or more cigarettes per day. He can therefore make an investment by focusing on the cigarette with high autonomy. On the other hand, if the person rarely smokes, it should start with a small e-cigarette less efficient. It should be noted that the high-dose cigarette is not necessarily addressed to heavy smokers. Small and medium smokers can also consume it.

There are also two types of e-cigarettes: the cigarette with and without nicotine. If you are not a smoker, it is preferable to choose the latter.

The choice of e-cigarettes, depending on the form

The form is also an important element in determining the e-cigarette. The choice will depend on the degree of consumption. If you are a beginner, you should choose a non-voluminous electronic cigarette. This means that it should never be too bulky. It should also not release too much steam.

In general, electronic cigarettes with a long burn time are the ones that give off the most steam. Therefore, they should be avoided if you are a beginner.

Electronic cigarettes and flavors

Unlike conventional cigarettes, the e-cigarette can have several tastes. The taste and flavors of e-cigarettes are broad. It can be flavoured, fruity, or plain.

The flavors are arranged in liquid form. This liquid will be deposited in the tank and will be mixed with the other components of the e-cigarette (propylene glycerol, vegetable glycerin, etc.). The solution will then release a vapour.

To choose the flavor e-liquid for electronic cigarette, you can refer to your taste. Which flavor you prefer the most? What is most suitable for your purpose?

Finally, we must never forget that the e-cigarette is a real cigarette. Excessive consumption can lead to bad consequences. Therefore, you must stay within the limit.

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