How does a juice extractor work?

Published on : 24 April 20204 min reading time

Having a juice extractor, also known as a juice extractor, in your kitchen is essential. This is a device that can be used to extract fruit or vegetable juices. Most often, the extraction is done cold. The speed of the screw can be very slow, especially if you compare it to a centrifuge. But with the high pressure, the work becomes easier. You should know that at the moment, this utensil is available in several models. The electric model and the manual model are still the most fashionable. The material can be in horizontal or vertical format. Either way, it always has one or two shredding screws. Each model has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, if you want to use this material for the first time, you should be familiar with the operating principle.

The principle of the juice extractor

If you want to buy a juice extractor and find out how it works, first of all you should know that this can vary depending on the model of the appliance. At the moment, the cold juice extractor is still the most widely used and sold juice extractor on the market. Owners use it to squeeze fruits and vegetables, so they get quality juice. The principle of extraction with this equipment is quite simple. A small worm is already integrated inside the drum of the machine. This is the very reason why some people also call it a “screw juice extractor”.

Note that this technique, although slow, is still the most efficient, no matter what type of food (fruit and vegetables) you add to it. Other people even use it to produce nut milks. It is also important to remember that it is different from a juice extractor that has a centrifuge, which uses another process to extract the juice.

As far as the system is concerned, you can choose between the electric machine and the manual version.

The vertical or horizontal extractor: how does it work?

Today, when buying a juice extractor, it is advisable to choose between modern models, in particular, a horizontal or vertical unit. The horizontal model is still the most common, while the vertical is still very new. The choice depends on your needs and your budget.

Both models use the same process to extract juice from your fruits and vegetables. You must add the ingredients in the feeding tube. Then you have to push with a small push stick, which is also delivered with the machine. The fruits and vegetables are crushed in a slow and gentle way by a “worm screw”. This screw separates the juice from the pulp of the food. The juice then passes through a filter, flows through the nozzle and you can collect it in the bowl. The pulp falls into another bowl.

How to choose the right juice extractor?

In order for you to be able to easily handle your juice extractor, you must choose the right model. Be aware that extractors of this model are a bad idea in this case. However, with their very flat shape, you can store them easily.

Vertical juice extractors are very compact and ergonomic. They save you a lot of space in your kitchen. What’s more, they are very easy to install. The only concern is that the price of these last models is much higher than that of the horizontal extractors.

As far as design is concerned, you should know that the models on the market are quite large. No matter which model you choose, all you have to do is combine the aesthetics of the machine with that of your kitchen.

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